The European Food Safety Authority completed a major update to its Food Consumption Database, with the goal of creating the opportunity for direct country-to-country comparisons and the identification of pan-European trends. A major pillar of this strategy is EFSA’s EU Menu project, which aims to harmonize collection methodologies across the EU. 

EFSA is also building a single Scientific Data Warehouse as a repository for all the data collected by the Authority. The Food Consumption Database is the first data set to be published using the data warehouse interactive dashboards and exports. You can download the interactive dashboards here.

The newly added data improve coverage of all population groups. Six countries have now provided data for infants, a group for which coverage was previously weak. The number of countries submitting data on children (3-10 years) and adolescents (10-18) has also risen, from 14 to 19 and 12 to 19 respectively. And the number submitting data on the elderly has risen dramatically from 9 to 15, or around 60%.